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  • Discovery Pro 8.3

    Experience Discovery Pro, the ultimate virtual analog synthesizer and sampler. With 4 layers, 12 oscillators, WAV and SoundFont support, PADSynth re-synthesis, and Nord Lead 2 SysEx import/export, Discovery Pro offers endless sound creation options. Its arpeggiator, 12 filter types (including Nord Lead 2 and Moog filters), panning modulation, stereo delay, gate and step modulation effects provide unmatched control. Compatible with 64-bit AAX, Audio Units, VST, and VST3, Discovery Pro is perfect for any music production.

    Michael Kastrup
    Erik D Pro House
    Jeff Bank
    Pro|Tone Sounds
    Mario Fest
    Stawczyk The Spirit
    XPO Leads and Pads
    XPO Sequences
    Back In Space
    Aiyn Zahev
    Alexander One
    Ronei Leite
    Alan Marcero
    Andi Vax
    Pad Love
    Psytrance FM

    Discovery Pro 8: What's New

    Synth Ratings Review

    Discovery Pro Playlist

    Sound Banks

    Discovery Pro surpasses its predecessor, Discovery, by delivering superior sound quality and features while retaining all existing capabilities. It now features Unison, SysEx export, 128-voice polyphony, PADSynth re-synthesis, 2 additional oscillators, 12 filters, over 5,000 presets, 100 banks, a standalone application, a graphical envelope, a scalable GUI, octave key split, aftertouch support, MIDI XML board templates, zone presets and Nord Lead 2 SysEx import/export (SysEx archive). Our team of experts put in countless hours of hard work and dedication to bring you the finest in discoDSP innovation in the form of this cutting-edge instrument.

    Improved DSP
    • Refined Oscillators: Discover unparalleled quality with our Discovery Pro 8 oscillators. Now upgraded to 12-bit resolution from 9-bit, and with a wave lookup size that's doubled, they deliver exceptionally smooth and richly detailed sounds across all frequencies. Perfect for musicians and producers focused on crystal-clear audio quality and versatile sound creation.
    • Advanced Distortion Modes: Our Discovery Pro 8 distortion modes are now four times more precise, adding rich depth and character to your productions.
    • Analog-Sounding Filters: We've updated several filters to emulate analog warmth and texture, now offering twice the richness.
    Enhanced Preset Management with Disk Mode
    • Navigate effortlessly through presets and folders in our newly introduced Disk Mode: This feature allows users to browse presets within 'Documents > discoDSP > Discovery Pro > Presets > Programs' folder with ease. Toggle between Bank and Disk Modes with a simple click on the LCD's BNK letter. For added convenience, we've integrated new file preset export functions in the Edit menu.
    • Expanded Preset Library: Dive into a world of sonic exploration with our expanded preset library, filled with fresh and inspiring sounds.
    Revamped PADsynth re-synthesis

    Generating incredibly beautiful sounds from WAVE waveforms and imported waves, PADsynth now includes significant enhancements for an even better sound generation experience.

    With the introduction of a 4-sample fade-in and fade-out, clicks during rendering have been eliminated, ensuring smoother looping of sounds.

    The rendering time has been extended from 6 to 24 seconds, accommodating longer and more complex sounds. Furthermore, PADsynth files now feature 'loop enabled' and 'loop point' tags in the SFZ format, enhancing compatibility with a wide range of third-party samplers.

    These updates elevate PADsynth's usability, making it easier than ever to create ensembles, choirs, bells, and many other sounds. Perfectly looped wavetable samples are rendered as SFZ, offering users a versatile tool for sound creation.

    Top Unison Around

    The new Nord Lead 2 modeled unison feature has been meticulously calibrated for both Polyphonic and Legato/Mono modes, it delivers a sound that closely mirrors the original hardware's perfection.

    Linux support

    DAW software like Bitwig or Renoise has been getting better and better at a very fast rate lately. Discovery Pro is committed to support the progressively popular OS amongst musicians in 64-bit flavours.

    Multi-size GUI (Retina ready)

    Discovery Pro graphics engine is configurable in three window sizes: 1x (400p), 1.5x (600p) and 2x (800p).

    No more squinting when trying to look at some parameter or search for a led anymore! Of course CPU has been dramatically optimised at any configuration.

    WAVE oscillator

    Add new waveforms and wavetables in DWB banks, WAV (16 / 24-bit) or SoundFont 2.04 (SF2) formats easily.

    Since it's not virtual analog synthesis we took extreme care of it by adding one of the best interpolation algorithms, resulting in very little aliasing and extraordinary resampling quality.

    Zero Delay Nord Lead 2 and Moog® filters

    Discovery Pro includes Nord Lead 2 modeled Zero Delay Feedback filters. They sound amazingly great.

    Moog filters are called X and Y, bringing a more sophisticated tone in addition to the 8 previous Discovery filters.

    Graphic Modulation envelopes

    Take your sound palette to high degree sound shaping. Just click and hold your mouse to draw time-synced mod destinations and get fresh textures.

    TouchOSC Template

    Program Discovery Pro using your iPad or Android tablet and TouchOSC app with the template provided after purchasing.

    Supported Formats

    Native Apple Silicon Universal 2 Binary Standalone Application 64-bit ProTools AAX Apple Audio Unit Steinberg VST Steinberg VST3

    System Requirements

    PC: Windows 7 or a newer version.
    Mac: macOS High Sierra or a newer version. Works on both Intel and Apple Silicon.
    Linux: Ubuntu 18 or a newer version.

    On Windows and macOS, a one-time internet connection is required to activate the software license. After this, users can use the software offline.

    Optimal performance requires a 64-bit processor: either an Intel Core i3 (x64) or better, or an Apple Silicon M series (ARM64), with at least 4 GB RAM.

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