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    OPL 2.2

    The OPL is a digital sound synthesis chip developed by Yamaha in the mid 1980s. Among other products, it was used in sound cards for PC, including the Ad Lib card and early Sound Blaster series.

    Aluode - Its Maario
    Aro - Entwined In The Horizons Descent
    Asi4 - Detroit Days
    Baalisoda - Love Lies
    Bh9090 - Talus Fissure
    Cndmn - Snowless Winter
    Darksynth Fx - As Years Go By
    Demo 1
    Doctorbob - Blue Juice
    Generaldiomedes - Gin And Juce
    Grooveshack - Lazy Fat Dirty Bastard
    H-man - Man - Dial 15913 - Housemix
    J Ruegg And Zarf - Aqua Regia
    Jasinski - V6 Pursuit
    Liqih - Later Piano
    Marks-a-whybikky And Buck Meow - Osc110
    Mjr5house - Star Field Siren Song
    Mmghost - Chroma
    Ontrackp - Cut It Loose
    Peterh - Lies Are Poison Of High Purity
    Progtronic - Grim Volt
    Schiing - Superfluid
    Stohgs - Kvr-osc-110-juceopl
    Taron - Fool
    Theneverscene - Pencil Tool Blues
    Too86 - Noobs Techno
    Trojakew - Shady Deal
    Tyrian - Space Journey 1 Remixed By Block35
    Zerofox97 - Juce Spill

    OPL Playlist

    Tyrian Remix

    Demo 1


    This instrument provides an emulated OPL sound chip. It provides all features of the OPL2, and some features of the OPL3.

    Native Apple Silicon compatibility (M1 or higher).

    What's an OPL?

    At a technical level: the emulator has channels comprised of 2 oscillators each. Each pair of oscillators is usually combined via phase modulation (basically frequency modulation). Each oscillator can produce one of eight waveforms (sine, half sine, absolute sine, quarter sine, alternating sine, camel sine, square, logarithmic sawtooth), and has an ADSR envelope controlling its amplitude. The unusual waveforms give it a characteristic sound.

    How do I use it?

    Each instance of the plugin emulates an entire OPL chip, but with this plugin, essentially you are just working with two operators: the carrier and modulator.


    SBI Files

    SBI files are an instrument file format developed by Creative Labs back in the day for the Sound Blaster. Essentially they work as presets for this plugin. Just drag and drop them into the plugin window!


    Percussion mode is now supported! This mode is not very well documented, even in the original Yamaha documentation. Here are some tips on using it based on experimentation and looking at the DOSBox source code. Also, some much more detailed notes on percussion mode based on experimentation with real hardware!

  • Bass drum: Uses both operators. Essentially just doubles output amplitude?
  • Snare: Uses carrier settings. Abs-sine waveform recommended.
  • Tom: Uses modulator settings. Sine waveform recommended.
  • Cymbal: Uses carrier settings. Half-sine recommended.
  • Hi-hat: Uses modulator settings. Half-sine recommended.

    Source code

    The C++ source code of this application can be found on GitHub which is maintained by open community of developers.

    Supported Formats

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