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    March 19, 2023
    Discovery 5.3, Schroeder 1.7, and Scope for iOS

    We have exciting news for music producers and audio engineers! The latest updates for Discovery 5.3, Schroeder 1.7, and Scope for iOS are now available with several bug fixes and improvements.

    The Discovery 5.3 update has resolved a significant issue with the VST2 build that caused the plugin state to reset after saving a project. This means that producers can save their projects without worrying about losing their plugin settings.

    Schroeder 1.7 has also received a significant update, fixing a bug in the stereo processing code. Previously, the left and right channels were not processed independently, resulting in every other sample being ignored. Additionally, a potential out-of-bounds read has been rectified when the buffer size is not a multiple of 2. The mix behavior has also been modified to make it more transparent to incoming audio. This update has also compensated for perceptible decay time changes resulting from the stereo bug fix.

    In addition to these updates, we are pleased to announce that Schroeder and Scope are now updated for iOS with the same updates as their desktop counterparts. This means that iOS users can enjoy the same level of functionality as desktop users, making music production on-the-go more accessible than ever before.

    Overall, these updates are sure to enhance the audio quality and user experience of these popular audio plugins. Be sure to download the latest updates and take advantage of these improvements!




    March 12, 2023
    Discovery Pro 7.6 and Schroeder 1.6 released

    We are excited to announce a new update to our Discovery Pro software synth! This update includes a range of new features and improvements that we believe will greatly enhance your music production experience. Here's a rundown of the changes:

    We hope this update enhances your music production experience with our Discovery Pro software synth.

    We are also pleased to announce that our Schroeder Reverb plugin has been updated to version 1.6, featuring an important enhancement which allows the plugin to behave seamlessly without any issues in frequency rates other than the standard 44.1Khz.

    Updates for our software synths and plugins are now available for download at our Members Area. Simply log in to your account and access the Downloads section to get the latest version of our products.




    March 5, 2023
    Scope 1.2 and Schroeder 1.5 released

    Scope 1.2 and Schroeder 1.5 have been released with several new features and updates that provide users with a superior audio experience. The updates include various improvements and new functionalities that are designed to make these tools more powerful, stable, and user-friendly.

    Scope 1.2 has been updated with minor enhancements to the scope drawing functionality, increasing the refresh rate of the scope frame rate from 30 fps to 120 fps, and a major update to the framework. The new version also includes a new macOS icon and added Linux VST3 and standalone versions with JACK support, as well as Windows ASIO standalone support. Additionally, users can now install the software through macOS PKG and Windows Inno Setup installers.

    Schroeder 1.5 has been updated with a new IIR 48 dB pole 20 Hz high-pass and 22 kHz low-pass filter, providing a cleaner sound and removing unwanted high frequencies. Additionally, a waveshaper limiter has been added to avoid excessive reverb boost and add a crunchy sound when the signal is saturated. The framework has also been updated to enhance stability. The new version comes with a new macOS standalone icon, Windows ASIO standalone support, and users can install the software through macOS PKG and Windows Inno Setup installers.

    The new versions of Scope and Schroeder are expected to provide users with a better audio experience and ease of use. These updates show that the developers are committed to ensuring that their products are always up-to-date, efficient, and user-friendly. The iOS versions will be updated soon.




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