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  • Corona 5.1
    Introducing discoDSP Corona, the ultimate Virtual Analog + Wave synthesizer that will revolutionize your music production!. With 3 VA + WAVE / SF2 oscillators and Roland® JP8080 modeled Super 7 unison, you can create a wide range of sounds that are unique to your music. The 16 oscillator combine modes allow you to create extensive timbres that will blow your mind. And with the 32 steps arpeggiator, you can create complex patterns and melodies with ease.

    But what really sets Corona apart is its dual zero-delay feedback filters. These filters give your sound an authentic analog feel that is unmatched by any other synthesizer on the market today. And with 8 destination matrix modulations, 4 LFOs, and 3 ADSR envelopes, you have complete control over your sound. But that's not all! Corona also features distortion, chorus, delay and limiter effects built-in, allowing you to add the perfect finishing touches to your tracks. So what are you waiting for? Try discoDSP Corona today and experience the power of virtual analog and wave synthesis like never before!
    Aiyn Zahev Solarscape
    Mulperi Demo
    Zero-Delay Filters
    CFA Ghost'n'Phases
    Nike Pogoda
    Mulperi Demo
    ErikD Demo
    Jeff Demo
    Daniel Butler

    Corona Overviews

    Using WAVE Oscillator

    Corona In Depth

    Controlling Animoog

    Sound Banks
    Multi-size GUI

    Corona graphics is configurable in four window sizes: 75%, 100%, 150% and 200%.

    Unique oscillator modes

    Oscillators can be combined using operators. There are 12 for Phase mode or 16 for Detune mode (DT) including:

    • Classic Additive.
    • Subtractive.
    • Multiplicative.
    • Pythagorean.
    • Sync.
    • Ring Modulation.
    • Phase Modulation.

    Bitwise modes

    • AND.
    • OR.
    • XOR.
    • ABS AND.
    • ABS OR.
    • ABD XOR.

    Custom SF2/WAV oscillators

    Add your SoundFont 2 or WAV files to Corona oscillators and boost timbres to never heard levels.

    Place them at Documents > discoDSP > Corona > Banks > User.dwb folder and they will appear next time Corona is loaded.

    Create additional categories by adding new folders with .dwb extension and keep your tones organized.

    Incredible filters

    14 different filter types, 2-pole and 4-pole each with selectable tahn, poly, asym1, asym2, asy3, hardlimit, polywrap, asymwrap, quantize and asymquantize shapes.

    Includes filter positive and negative drive, keytracking, selectable pre-post volume envelope stage.

    Experience new generation liquid sounding zero delay feedback filters enabling ALT button.

    Fat, easy, mix-standing unison

    Dedicated Unison unit to make sounds spread across the stereo mix with selectable octave spread, voices, detune knob and panning spread controls.

    Use Super 7 Unison mode with saw, parabolic, square, triagle or sine waveforms to get the classic Super Saw sound.

    Hundreds of waveforms

    Wave Expansion is included with 300+ MB of high-quality multi-layer waveforms.

    Also, from classic VA saw, triangle, square, sine, parabola and noise to the included waveforms in two extra DWB banks with 300+ timbres from:

    • Aeterphon.
    • ARP 2600.
    • Buchla Modular.
    • Crumar Performer
    • Elka Synthex.
    • Eminent 310.
    • EMS VCS-3.
    • Fairlight CMI.
    • Farfisa organ.
    • Fender Rhodes.
    • Hohner.
    • Jen Bass Pedal.
    • Korg Lambda.
    • Korg MS-20.
    • Korg Polysix.
    • Mellotron.
    • Memorymoog.
    • Micromoog.
    • Minikorg.
    • Minimoog.
    • Modulus Monowave.
    • Moog MG-1.
    • Moog Prodigy.
    • Moog Rogue.
    • Moog Taurus.
    • Oberheim Matrix.
    • Oberheim OB8.
    • Oberheim Xpander.
    • Odissey.
    • Paia Fatman.
    • Polymoog.
    • Prophet 5.
    • Prophet 600.
    • Rhodes Chroma.
    • Rhodes Polaris.
    • Roland Alpha Juno.
    • Roland Juno 60.
    • Roland Juno 106.
    • Roland Jupiter 4.
    • Roland JX.
    • Roland SH-101.
    • Roland System 100.
    • Theremin.
    • Vox Jaguar.
    • Waldorf Pulse.
    • Yamaha CS80.
    Flexible ADR curves

    Up to 6 different envelope curves for extended shaping.

    Easy to use modulation matrix

    Select the most relevant synth destinations to be modulated by:

    • MIDI Note.
    • MIDI Velocity.
    • Pitch Wheel.
    • MIDI CC#1 Mod. Wheel.
    • MIDI Aftertouch.
    • MIDI CC#4 Foot Controller.
    • MIDI CC#11 Expression.
    • MIDI CC#2 Breathe.
    • Several random values.
    • Modulation LFO.
    • Modulation Envelope.
    • Filter LFO.
    • Filter Envelope.
    • Vibrato LFO.
    • Vibrato Envelope.

    Supported Formats
    Not compatible with macOS 11 or higher.

    System Requirements

    PC: Windows 7 or a newer version.
    Mac: macOS High Sierra or a newer version.

    Your CPU must be an Intel Core i3 (x86) or higher, or an Apple Silicon M1 (ARM) or higher. Your computer must also have at least 4 GB of RAM.

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