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  • FX Bundle 2.1

    Introducing the ultimate bundle for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike, all in one package! This bundle is perfect for anyone who wants to take their audio production to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, this bundle has everything you need to create amazing sounds that will thrill your audience. Don't wait any longer and get your hands on this bundle today!

    ThrillMe 3 Demo
    Project Schroeder
    Schroeder 1.5

    Nightshine Demo

    French-House Mastering

    Scope Demo

    Our EQ-30 Stereo Equalizer unit is modeled on the Alesis M-EQ 230 dual 1/3 octave precision equalizer specs. With two complete 30 band 1/3 octave equalizers, you can boost or cut your audio with precision and ease. The vintage rack look of the GUI with some 3D raytraced parts will make you feel like a true audio engineer.


    The NightShine Compressor is based on the Alesis 3630 peak compressor specs. With a dynamics processor that has a threshold range of -inf dB to 0.0dB, exponential curve, and a gain depth of 0% to 100%, you can achieve that perfect sound you've been looking for. The automake-up, softclip and limiter switches make it easy to get the sound you want without any hassle.

    Schroeder Reverb

    The Schroeder Reverb, a high-quality digital reverb effect designed to add depth, dimensionality, and natural-sounding ambience to your music recordings. Developed by Manfred Schroeder in the 1960s, this sophisticated tool has become a staple in the music industry, valued for its ability to produce a wide range of reverb effects that can be used across multiple genres.

    Scope Visualizer

    Scope uses a two-axis graph to give a visual representation of a waveform over time, with the horizontal axis representing time and the vertical axis representing the amplitude. Oscilloscopes are frequently used to assist dynamics processing and sound synthesis. It's usually placed last in the signal chain, so that it analyses the cumulative effects of any plugins placed before it. Like any analysis plugin, though, you can place it anywhere in the chain, to view the signal at that point.

    ThrillMe 3

    Elevate your audio production ThrillMe 3, a multi-band compressor designed for precision control and superior sound. Featuring cutting-edge DSP algorithms, it offers warm, punchy compression across four dynamic bands. Key features include independent four-band compression with a Lock control for simultaneous adjustments, adaptive crossover filtering for clear frequency separation, individual band soloing for precise sound sculpting, and sophisticated metering for real-time gain reduction monitoring. With customizable parameters like solo, threshold, attack, release, and make-up gain, ThrillMe 3 is perfect for audio engineers, musicians, and sound designers seeking unparalleled dynamic control.

    ThrillMe 2

    ThrillMe 2 is a compressor, limiter, and spectral enhancer all in one! With its unique design and precision controls, you can add warmth and depth to your audio while keeping it clean and crisp.

    Supported Formats

    Schroeder, Scope and ThrillMe 3 are compatible with 64-bit Windows, macOS, and Linux. EQ-30, NightShine, and ThrillMe 2 support only 32-bit Windows

    For wrapping 32-bit Windows plugins into 64-bit DLLs, we recommend using jBridge or a DAW that includes a built-in 32-bit to 64-bit plugin wrapper, like Reaper.

    Native Apple Silicon Universal 2 Binary Standalone Application 32-bit 64-bit Apple Audio Unit Steinberg VST Steinberg VST3

    System Requirements

    PC: Windows 7 or a newer version.
    Mac: macOS High Sierra or a newer version. Works on both Intel and Apple Silicon.
    Linux: Ubuntu 18 or a newer version.

    Optimal performance requires a 64-bit processor: either an Intel Core i3 (x64) or better, or an Apple Silicon M series (ARM64), with at least 4 GB RAM.

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