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    BIS OB-Xd Skin

    Created by Marcus Seitz, ESA Music Producer, the B I S - Back In Space skin gives your discoDSP OB-Xd synth a sleek, space-inspired look.

    Tonepusher Retro Cyberpunk

    Dive into the future of sound with the Retro Cyberpunk OB-Xd Preset Pack by Tonepusher. This collection brings together 50 presets, including Basses, Brasses, Pads, and Synths, to infuse your music with the electrifying essence of cyberpunk. From neon-lit cityscapes to gritty beats, these sounds offer a perfect blend of OB-Xd's analog warmth and the innovative, edgy vibes of cyberpunk. Ideal for creating compelling sonic narratives in futuristic thrillers or adding a cybernetic energy to your tracks, the Retro Cyberpunk pack is your key to elevating sound design and production workflow, ensuring every note propels your music into a thrilling dystopian journey.

    Sound Design with J3PO

    In this course, Julian J3PO Pollack teaches you HOW to make your own sounds from scratch by teaching you fundamental subtractive synthesis. Following his method that he's been using for over a decade, J3PO demystifies the components of synthesis and takes you on a journey, utilizing the classic virtual analog synthesizer the OB-Xd (free download by DiscoDSP), a fantastic synth that is a recreation of the famed Oberheim OB-X. In the course, J3PO breaks it all down: oscillators, filters, envelopes, modulation, FX, and much more. Once you've completed this course, not only will you have a deep understanding of the OB-Xd, but you can take this knowledge and apply it to other synths in your arsenal! Start understanding synthesis and making your own sounds today!

    Lukas Lundh 80s Presets

    These meticulously crafted sounds are designed to capture the essence of 80s pop music, Italo disco, and the captivating styles of Retrowave and Synthwave.

    The creator has not only designed original presets but has also painstakingly recreated some favorite patches from the previous version of the plugin. Furthermore, the creator has added their own personal touch by making modifications to a few patches that come with OB-Xd upon download.

    Daniel Stawczyk Ups and Downs

    The first commercial sound pack for OB-Xd by Daniel Stawczyk. An inspiring set for a legend's software reincarnation with an impressive number of custom presets to go through. The pack of 2 banks (170 presets) includes:

    Main bank of 120 presets: 9 Basses, 13 Bells, 11 Keyboards, 9 Leads, 5 Organs, 37 Pads, 36 Synthesizers.

    Sub bank of 50 SFX presets: 25 SFX Rises & Falls, 6 SFX Rises, 11 SFX Falls, 5 SFX-SYN Rises, 3 SFX-SYN Falls.

    Daniel Stawczyk Stamina

    Stamina is a bank of free 128 unique presets that showcase the incredible classic soul of OB-Xd synthesizer.

    J3PO Signature OB-Xd Patches

    There are a ton of fun patches in this 64 preset pack, ranging from punchy 808 basses to Wurlitzer-esque keyboard-ish sounds to FX and plain old phat synths.

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