Discovery 4.2
Synthétiseur Virtuel Analogique
32 / 64-bit Audio Units
32 / 64-bit VST / VST3
4 couches / 8 oscillateurs avec Sync / FM
Arpéggiateur incorporé
8 types de filtres y compris filter Zero-Delay Feedback DSP
Modulation du panoramique / Delay stereo / Effet Gate
Importation des fichiers de type Sysex Nord Lead 2
$ 79
$ 47
€ 41

macOS Catalina ready!
Discovery at a glance

Discovery's architecture provides maximum flexibility when programming your own sounds. Start by selecting from the two oscillators, and then add one of the several types of filters, and then program the appropriate ADSR envelope for the sound.

Finally, the flexible modulation scheme and built-in effects allow you to color your sound to your liking and save it to one of the 128 patch memories in one of 40 banks offering more than 3.500 presets, including a dedicated electronic percussion section.

With support for 4 layers per patch, and morphing between layers, Discovery quickly becomes a remarkably expressive synth for any type of music.

Clavia's Nord Lead best friend

Discovery has been highly inspired by one of Clavia's synth masterpieces: the Nord Lead 2.

Discovery can import Nord Lead 2 and Nord Lead 2X Sysex patches directly, and 99% of their MIDI CC are bound to the original Nord Lead knobs, making your hardware synth the perfect friend for this plugin.

Efficient workflow

Making music can be the most important part of a musician's creative process and working efficiently is just as relevant for us. That's why Discovery has been engineered with the best possible workflow in mind.

Quickly navigate thru banks

Clicking the arrows or by clicking the bank name to get a drop down menu to appear. Put your own standard banks to have quick access too.

Enable and disable MIDI velocity to layer morphing

Clicking the LED on top of Modulation Wheel.

Quickly navigate thru presets

Using up/down buttons or clicking the Program LEDs to get a list.

Configure Discovery

Clicking the voice indicator LED numbers and enjoy the very high quality sound of 2X oversampling and HQ distortion.

Define your Pitch Bend Range

Clicking the LCD number and get a drop-down menu with 48 semitones.

Easily switch between Delay and Gate

Clicking their LEDs located in the title bars.

Sync or unsync Cross Delay to host tempo

Clicking the LED located between Left and Right Delay knobs.

Sync or unsync to host tempo

Click the LED located at the left of the knob. Works with LFOs, Arpeggiator or Panning.


Demo version is unable to store current state, save banks or presets.

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